Top 6 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger You Need to Know About

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1. It is anti-inflammatory

Related to superfoods like turmeric and cardamom, ginger contains the compound gingerol, a natural anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant.

Naturally occurring anti-inflammatories are important because they can help curb an overactive immune system. Inflammation is your body’s natural and healthy response to injury or illness—and it tells your white blood cells that it’s time to start healing.

Studies have found that gingerols and enzymes in ginger root and powder can reduce inflammation caused by viral infections. It was also found that ginger has antiviral properties.

But too much inflammation is also associated with diseases, like celiac and fibromyalgia, which is why doctors and nutritionists alike are keen on antioxidants—they help reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation is an important health benefit of taking ginger root or drinking ginger tea.

6-Gingerol is one of the main anti-inflammatory components in ginger. Research has suggested that gingerol helps to inhibit substances and enzymes that cause inflammation.

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