Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

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1. Bugatti La Voiture Noire

How much did you say you are willing to spend on your car? Was is about 20 million dollars? Because this means you can get a Bugatti La Voiture Noire and have some change left in your wallet. La Voiture Noire is currently the most expensive car – it only costs 19 million dollars! It was presented at the Geneva Auto Show in 2019, so we’re looking at a brand new model.

The name “La Voiture Noire” is in French and can be roughly translated into “The Black Car”. Obviously, it sounds much better in French and it gives the car the mysterious touch that makes it even more appealing. It has 1.500 horsepower, so La Voiture Noire is a real beast on the road and was designed with the Bugatti Chiron model in mind.

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