Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

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How much money would you pay for your dream car? There is no doubt about it, a luxury car is probably just as much about the social status of the owner as it is about transportation, if not more. However, these luxury cars are real works of art with exquisite, unique characteristics. Comparing them to jewels is appropriate, not only in terms of their aspect, but also the cost. Ah, did we mention that some of them have real jewelry incrusted? Because they do!

And we are not talking here about special orders, but cars made in limited series – so, it’s just a few of them. And the is just one of the reasons explaining the hefty price tag. Aside from this, they also come equipped with spectacular features and can reach incredible performances on the road. So, let’s see some of the amazing cars and then we can pick favorites!

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