Mother who Adopted 6-year-old Girl with Dwarfism, Claims She is Actually 22 And Tried to Kill Her!

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The couple is now charged with abandoning their adopted daughter when she was 9. But as the trial goes on, the mother tells a whole different story. After a nice welcome to Natalia from the whole family, she and her husband began to notice some bizarre behavior on Natalia’s part.

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Kristine vividly remembers the first time she gave her a bath, when she was shocked to discover that she had “full pubic hair”. Some weeks later, the Barnetts found bloodstained clothing in the trash, leading them to believe that the “six-year-old” girl was trying to hide her period. The mother then took the girl to the family doctor. After a brief examination, the doctor suggested that Natalia was at least 14 years old, and maybe even older! The Barnetts were completely stunned. But the story goes beyond that.

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