Mother who Adopted 6-year-old Girl with Dwarfism, Claims She is Actually 22 And Tried to Kill Her!

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Have you watched the Orphan film? Because what you’re about to read is a true story that has all the makings of a thriller.

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What started out as a sweet adoption story for the Barnetts from Indiana, USA, turned out into a nightmare when they realized the truth. The cute little girl they thought they took in, was actually a 22-year-old sociopath that tried to kill both of her adopted parents multiple times!

Our story begins in May 2010, when Kristine and Michael Barnett agreed to adopt 6-year-old Natalia. Natalia was born in Ukraine and seemed like a cute little girl, even while having a rare form of dwarfism. This caused her to have problems walking and also created issues with her vision. Three years later, the Barnetts would be leaving their home to go to Canada WITHOUT Natalia!

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