How to Wash your Hair without Shampoo

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Why try cleaning your hair without using shampoo?

Well, for starters, you should know that it’s a whole movement out there with lots of supporters. There is even a name for washing your hair without shampoo, and it’s called the “no poo” method. It doesn’t sound overly appealing, and I get this; however, more and more people swear by it. This method implies that it is much healthier, cheaper, and environmentally friendly to wash your hair without using traditional shampoo and conditioner. More than this, some enthusiasts of the method even mention that they noticed their hair growing faster after switching to the natural way.

Most traditional shampoos and conditioners contain chemical ingredients such as parabens and others that can, in time, cause more harm than good to the hair and the scalp. People using traditional shampoos end up trying the natural method as they developed allergies to some components of the regular shampoo, or it just doesn’t work for them anymore. And the truth is that if you ever took the time to read the labels of the shampoos and conditioners we use, you noticed that looks like a chemistry list.

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