9 Questions That You Have, But Are Too Embarrassed To Ask

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1. Why does only one nostril get clogged at a time?

I bet you’ve noticed that when you’re sick or have an allergy, only one of your nostrils gets clogged. Why is this happening? Some people might prefer to have both of them clogged at the same time rather than one. All or nothing! Well, it seems that our nostrils like to work as a team but one of them is working harder than the other most of the time.

That’s actually a normal function. Our nostrils work in a cycle and that’s why one of them is working better during several hours. Then the other takes its place and that cycle keeps going. The thing is that when you don’t feel well, this gets more noticeable. It’s believed that this function helps with your sense of smell, as some smells are better picked up by fast-moving air, while others take more time and are detected by slow-moving air.

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