9 Questions That You Have, But Are Too Embarrassed To Ask

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Have you ever had a question pop into your mind, but were too afraid to ask? Afraid that someone might make fun of you? I tend to feel that way whenever I have a question about body functions! If you ever felt that way too then it’s your lucky day! I’m about to give you the answers to 9 embarrassing questions that you probably have. Don’t worry! I won’t judge you! I won’t even know if you knew them already! Curiosity shows that you’re clever so don’t feel bad about it.

Most of them have to do with how our bodies work. It’s good to know about them! We should probably make a school subject out of them. Oh yeah! That’s right! We have some of them that cover all these issues but no one ever wants to teach them to us. Why? Because they feel as embarrassed as you are when you find yourself wondering about them. It’s time to leave all that in the past and learn a thing or two about some everyday things. Let’s see what this list is all about!

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