9 Illegal things you do every day and you don’t know it

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Do you think that you’re a total lawman? That you have never been illegal in your life? No way! We all do things every day that are illegal. Small daily habits that may not put us in jail for life or pay any excessive fines, but we’re still breaking the law. Some of them you know are illegal but you keep doing them believing that it is not such a serious crime like downloading movies and music from the Internet. Others, because you think that they will not be able to catch you because you will manage to see the police, such as using your mobile phone while driving or not wearing a seat belt.

But there are still a lot of other things you do that you can’t even think they are illegal. If you walk and you throw litter down, If you sell stuff on eBay and you don’t declare it on your tax returns or if you’re on your bike and you don’t stop at the STOP then you’re illegal!

So we found these little illegal habits and we present them to you. Whether you change them or not depends on you and how “lawful” you want to be! Let’s see them!

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