9 Design tips and tricks from interior decorators

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We all look admiringly at the work of art we see in interior design magazines. And, at the same time, we can’t stop wondering how comes the experts can create something so sophisticated and elegant with such simple items. If we are to be completely honest, when it comes to glossy magazines, it’s all about the light and architecture of the area, not to mention the huge budget usually available for this kind of stuff. However, it is true that if we use interior decorators’ tricks and secrets, we can certainly improve our living area.

Before diving in and having a look at some industry secrets, you should know that there are no rules when it comes to interior design. More than this, if you really want to get spectacular results, you should always put something of yourself into the room you are decorating. Yes, we are talking about your creativity, a touch of your personality and genius! Don’t be shy, of course you have it! And with these experts’ secrets, things will get much easier, you will see! This is what you could do:

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