8 Reasons Why the Internet Loves Keanu Reeves

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The Internet’s never-ending cycle of memes has found its new hero in the face of Canadian actor Keanu Reeves. Oh, you should never underestimate the power of the Internet. “Netizens”, short for network citizens, most of the time have their reasons for focusing their hype around a certain person or situation.

This time the man who took the red pill in The Matrix has popped up on various social media feeds, articles and memes around the web. Of course, this recent exposure is not random. 2019 has blessed Keanu Reeves with the arrival of the third installment of the infamous John Wick series, Chapter 3: Parabellum, a cameo appearance in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe and his voice-acting as a motorcycle-obsessed Duke Caboom in probably the biggest franchise in Pixar’s history, Toy Story.

Having established a very productive and creative year Keanu Reeves did nothing more than just being himself and doing his job as a great actor that he is, while his name became viral for reasons other than that. He’s always been making good movies. The Matrix is a revolution to modern cinema and the first John Wick aired in 2014, 5 years ago. So why now?

The real reasons behind the whole Keanu Reeves love revolve around the fact that he is a wonderful and very unique human being. The word has spread and people have fallen in love with him, providing, of course, the meme treatment he deserves.

Because that’s how you measure an actor’s success. First participation in theatrical play, leading role in important Hollywood movie, Oscar Award for Leading Actor, infinite amount of memes around the internet.

Courtesy of: twentytwowords.com

Here are just 8 of the many reasons why Keanu Reeves has officially broken the Internet.

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