7 Tips to Get your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

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1. Make sure the baby understands the difference between night and day

When they are so small and sleep almost all the time, you might be tempted to repeat the same routines whatever the time might be. You change diapers, feed, burp, cuddle, sleep. In the living room, baby’s room, wherever it is more comfortable for you. And that’s totally fine as comfortable is what you should be aiming for in the first months (maybe the first year!) after bringing your baby home.

However, once you have decided the baby can and should sleep through the night, you make sure he understands the difference between day and night. For this, you can let him have daily naps in the living room or in his room, but without reducing the noise or the activity in the house, while for the evening sleep, you can set up an entire routine.

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