5 DIY Natural Methods to Reduce the Visibility of Age Spots

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Do you enjoy long holidays at the beach or by the pool? Then you should be aware of the risks associated with prolonged sun exposure. Among the side effects of excessive sun exposure, we have pigmentation spots. This means that the skin gets a lovely tan but also some darker spots in certain areas such as the face, hands, and arms. It is not uncommon to have pigmentation spots in other areas of the body, but usually, these associated with another factor – the natural aging process and, in this case, we call them age spots.

If you loved the sun your whole life, you might notice that you have more age spots compared to people who preferred to live in the shades. This happens because sun exposure can lead to premature aging. Age spots can be rather difficult to cover up, even if you use good quality makeup. While certain serums can help you get a more even texture and color, there are other natural methods that can help you reduce the visibility of age spots. Let’s have a look now!

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