4 Ways of Boosting the Immune System

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I imagine you have noticed that from mid-autumn to spring there is a large outbreak of the diseases. From a simple cold to flu, gastroenteritis and more. This is due not only to the drop in temperature but also to many other factors. For example, due to low temperatures there is overcrowding indoors so we are exposed to more germs. Even our homes don’t ventilate properly. Also, humidity in the atmosphere decreases and viruses multiply faster and become more resistant. In addition, the functions of our body are slowed down or suppressed due to weather changes. For example, low temperatures cause blood vessels to contract, so white blood cells cannot fight the virus.

However, in addition to the weather conditions that favour the outbreak of viruses, other factors play a role, such as a lifestyle, diet, body weight, sleep quality. But are there ways to avoid getting sick? And of course, they exist and are more or less known to all of us. Good hand hygiene, good ventilation of the premises, proper nutrition, exercise. But let’s see in detail what we can do to strengthen and stimulate our immune system, to spend our winters as little as possible with fewer viruses.

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