12 Awesome Uses of Baking Soda

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Use of soda as a cleaner

1. Cleaning the oven

The oven needs frequent cleaning due to stains created by fats and dried foods. To make them disappear just create a paste with 3 teaspoons of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of water and juice from 1 lemon. Spread the paste inside and on the door of the oven and leave it all night. In the morning put in a bowl hot water and some dish detergent and with a sponge rub the oven until there are no stains left.

2. Clean glass cooktop

If you want to clean the glass cooktop from food and oil stains, you should scatter baking soda all over the surface and cover the glass with a clean towel after you have dipped it in hot water. Wait for 15 minutes. Then put in a bowl hot water and a little dish detergent and with a clean towel rub the glass. If the stains persist you can follow the same procedure but before you cover the glass with the towel pour some white vinegar.

3. Laundry disinfection

You’ve noticed that the washing machine smells bad even though it is used all the time. This is mainly due to the salts that accumulate in the washing machine, to the detergent, the mould that is created in the washer hose and the microorganisms that grow in the bucket.

To get rid of all these, make a blend of 1/4  cup of water and 1/4  cup of baking soda and pour it into the detergent dispenser. Pour 2  cups of vinegar into the bucket and set your washing machine on the hot water cycle. Apply once a month and you will have, in addition to the disinfection you will do in the washing machine, even cleaner clothes.

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