10 Tips to Help you Become Best Friends With your Teenage Child

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Hey you! Yes, you! Are you a parent? If you are, I have some great advice for you! You probably know already how difficult can be to raise a child while maintaining the perfect balance in your relationship. You want to be the figure of authority but also the best friend that your child can come to and ask for help and advice. It’s a parent thing to want to know what is happening in their life. I get it! The hardest part though is adolescence! You might not remember yours, clearly but it’s a fact that teenagers go through some tough times and all you can do is stand by them.

Teenagers are in a stage of their life when they want to open their wings and fly without their parents’ help. It’s logical! It’s how nature works! In reality though all of us need help sometimes and teenagers aren’t the exception! The thing is, how can you get closer to them and build a stronger relationship during those years? You need to find the balance between being a parent and a friend which may be the most difficult thing you have to do as a parent. Let me give you some tips on how you can spend some quality time with your teenage child and build the trust and communication between you.

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