10 Things You Do In The Office That Are Bad For Your Health

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2. Preferring candy over healthy snacks

Gaining weight is very common among people who work in offices. It’s easy to keep a stack of candy on your desk and whenever you feel like it, you reach and take a chocolate bar. Sugar might help you work better instantly but this might cause serious problems on your health if you keep it up for a long period of time. Some of you might justify it by saying that you want to share them with everyone else. Deep down you know that this isn’t the case! Mindless eating is a real thing and can easily happen when you stay in front of a screen for many hours. You might not realize you’re even doing it.

Instead of chocolate bars and cookies, try a healthier approach. Find snacks with protein and fiber and keep them close. You can give nuts and fruits a chance! I know it doesn’t sound so appealing but trust me, you’ll see for yourself that you work better and faster when you eat clean. Keeping up with bad eating habits and sitting all day, is going to have a huge impact on your body and your mood as well.

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