10 Things You Do In The Office That Are Bad For Your Health

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1. Not taking your full lunch break

Don’t let yourself fall into that trap! Eating in front of your computer, a sad meal, all by yourself won’t help you feel good. You can’t enjoy that meal even if you try and by sitting there, you are tempted to keep working as you eat. This habit doesn’t let you to take a break and shut off your brain even for a couple of minutes. Plus, you don’t socialize with your colleagues and you spend all your time by yourself, which doesn’t help reduce any stress you might have.

Let yourself enjoy a full lunch break. Get up and get away from the office if you can, even for 15 minutes. Take a walk and then enjoy your meal with your colleagues. Talk about something that doesn’t have to do with your job. This will help you boost your energy and improve your mood. Your mind needs this kind of pauses to work better and avoid getting tired really quickly. Keep in mind that even telling a funny story or a joke with the people you work with, can restore your creativity and make you more productive.

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