10 Foods That help Skin Ageing

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How would you feel if someone told you that skin ageing starts at the age of 25? Unbelievable? At this age collagen production begins to decrease, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes more flabby. Of course, the speed of ageing is different from person to person as it depends on heredity. The first signs of skin ageing become apparent over time and these are the wrinkles, the skin becomes more transparent, thinner and drier.

However, in addition to inheritance, various external factors also play an important role in accelerating the ageing process. The main factor is the sun. A few minutes in the sun without sunscreen is enough to cause chronic skin lesions. Other factors are facial expressions, sudden weight loss, sleep patterns, stress, smoking, and lifestyle in general. But diet also plays an important role. Some foods help significantly in the ageing of the skin, such as snacks, cold cuts, soda. Below are foods that significantly burden the skin. So let’s see what they are:

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