10 Animals that Will Go Extinct in the Next Decades

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We hear about global warming all the time nowadays. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that we understand all the implications. Climate change causes meteorological phenomena that have devastating effects on countries from all around the world. Bush fires in Australia, tornadoes in the US and Central America, and so much more. Global warming also leads to a change in the ecosystems of different species. Left without their environment, these species are going extinct.

But global warming is just one of the reasons why our children might leave in a world left without many of the species we have today. Aside from climate change, animals go extinct because they lose their homes due to deforestation or because of illegal hunting. Poaching has already done tremendous harm and wiped down entire species of animals. Did you know that elephants, rhinos, and tigers are in danger of going extinct due to poaching? Let’s see what other animals that could go extinct in the next decades are:

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